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Configuring Western Digital MyBook World Edition II.

Following are my notes on how to configure Digital MyBook World Edition II NAS.

Western Digital MyBook World Edition II NAS device is running Linux distro internally.

Upgrade to latest firmware (currently 02.00.18 )

  • Start WD Shared Storage Manager at: http://mybookworld/
  • Stop MioNet in the Manager General Setup/WD Anywhere Access Settings
  • Make sure that all shares on your LAN are disconnected, easiest way is to power off (hold button for 4 sec) and power on the device (hold button for 1 sec)
  • Select General Setup/Upgrade the System Firmware (not upgrade will wipe out any changes you have made to the device). It is highly recommended to connect NAS device to power battery backup, so the firmware upgrade is not interrupted.

Enable SSH access to MBWE

Remove MioNet from MBWE device

Adding external USB drives

  • Format USB drive(s) as FAT32 (NTFS would be read only); I had to do it on Ubuntu using GPart partition editor
  • Connect the drives possibly over self powered USB hub
  • Check if the drives are visible and mounted at /shares/external/…
  • Create new Shared Folder(s) for each external USB disk volume

Mount enable external shares in Samba

  • Edit /var/oxsemi/smb.conf and add following:

[External drives]
force user=www-data
guest ok=Yes
valid users=youruser www-data
write list=youruser www-data


2 Responses to “Configuring Western Digital MyBook World Edition II.”

  1. Janos said

    I managed to mount ntfs as read-write. See bottom of this thread:

  2. pluto1999 said

    First, this is a state of the art, newly introduced drive from WDC. In my opinion it is the best general-use drive you can get at this price point.

    Prior to my purchase, I read several negative reviews from prior customers who voiced dissatisfaction with Amazon’s packaging of OEM drives. Any chance of damage in shipping would indeed be reason to shop elsewhere for such a sensitive item, but on one such page of ranting and frustration I saw a note from Amazon that they had recently addressed these concerns, so I proceeded to order the drive.

    Here’s the latest and I hope final word on this issue: Problem solved. The drive arrives sealed in an anti-static bag, secured by two end-mounted shock absorbing plastic caddies, then double-boxed with the usual sealed air padding. The redundant packing system appears to be well-designed and the drive has been working like a champ.

    So buy with confidence and kudos to Amazon for responding to customer reviews and ensuring appropriate, safe packaging for this product.

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