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JavaForge – FREE Hosting For Your OpenSource Java Projects

Posted by lubosp on September 24, 2005

I started thinking about moving sourceforge project I am managing to Javaforge.

While I will move parts of the project to Javaforge starting with linking to sourceforge cvs, nighlty builds, task tracking and wiki,

and later on probably bug and reqirement tracking, following are some issues that prevent me to move the entire project

to Javaforge yet.

Please do not take it is useless criticizm, I realize Javaforge is in beta, I really like Javaforge and I looking forward to the day when I will be able

to switch the whole project.

# __Downloading project artifacts__ – as far as I can see, there is no way (at least not easy way) to create and populate project artifact download area like in sourceforge. where everybody can download the artifacts (project distriburtion), not that for this function even anonymous login is to restrictive, user should be able to access the artifacts directly, and statistics should be provided for number of downloads of the give artifact for the project. Also having dowload farm (multiple download servers) like sourceforge, is an advanatage and convenience for users. For artifacts upload, ftp access should be supported, and/or artifacts from the builds should be available to move to “download” area, so they are available for download.

# __Access to source code__ – for time being, I will still keep source code in sourceforge repository. I will wait for cvs to be directly supported, and even after that, I will wait till more documentation is available how to access the source code in both read only, and read write mode, e.g. how to setup cvs, wincvs, Eclipse etc. with cvs, subversion

#__Mailing Lists__ – mailing lists are crucial for open source development and communication between users and developers. While from reading CodeBeamer documentation, it is possible to set mailing lists, from the available documentation I cannot figure it out.

Maybe most of these issues are just lack of proper documentation. Good User’s Guide tailored to Javaforge might go a long way.


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