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Why I am not Mac user

Posted by lubosp on September 18, 2009

I have small one man software development consulting company, High Country Computing. Sometimes I need to deliver product(s) that needs to be tested on Apple hardware.
I used to be Apple fan while starting with personal computing in 1988 or so with AppleII. But I switched to Windows and Linux based computers in early 1990ies and never looked back (who would pay $500-$1500 more for inferior hardware ;-).

Because of need to test software applications on Apple and Mac OSX hardware, I finally caved in and decided to buy Mini Mac. Unfortunately, the experience was terrible and I will not buy any Apple made product any time soon.

I bought Mini Mac from reseller and the Mac didn’t even boot. The only solution I was offered by Apple customer support was to bring it to authorized repair shop, which is quite inconvenient considering I live high in the mountains and I would have to drive over 100 miles (Lenovo, Dell, HP let you ship the computer for repair in their expense). It was my first experience in 15 years with Apple, and I regret buying it, and I will not recommend to my friends or at work (I am part time system administrator for small healthcare provider) to even consider Apple. I contacted Apple customer support for help, but the customer support guy was very, very unhelpful, and he was quite rude. My impression was that Apple support is terrible compared to Lenovo, HP, Dell (have hands on experience with all of them). Fortunately the Mac reseller, where I purchased the Mini Mac, was much more customer friendly than Apple and took the broken Mac back.

See you Apple!


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