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Installing and Uninstalling Windows7

Posted by lubosp on August 15, 2009

I have tried to install Windows7 RC on my HP Pavillion zd7000 laptop (1.25Gb memory, 2×3.0GHz processor) with Windows XP SP3. The installation went OK, the only problem was running Windows7 compatibility check application which hanged and never finished.

The problems came after the install, and there was enough of them to force me to uninstall Windows7 and restore good old Windows XP.
Here is the list of problems:

  • Windows XP cannot be upgraded, it requires full OS install and the install partition has to have at least 6GB free
  • I had hard time to redirect video from laptop to external monitor
  • The Windows7 migration application failed to install, so I was forced to moved the Documents and Setting and Program Files from Windows.old manually (painful)
  • I couldn’t find NVIDIA driver, so the screen resolution was only 1024×768 (XP is 1600×1200)
  • Networking had problems connecting to printer (HP J6400), and to my NAS (WD MyWorldBook), sometimes it worked, sometimes not

Fortunately there is relatively easy way to uninstall Windows7 and restore Windows XP, see this article for details.

Honestly, I am not sure why all the “expert” reviews are so positive, I have Windows XP laptop, another laptop with Windows Vista, and also desktop with Windows Vista (64b). Base on my one day experience I do not see Windows7 being worth upgrading and they are definitely NOT dramatically better than Windows XP or Windows Vista.
I still like Windows XP (they just work), but for last year plus, I mainly use Vista and after disabling UAC, I became Vista fan. It seems to me that the improvements in Windows7 are mainly cosmetic and there are quite a few things (and remind you, it is RC, so maybe they will have time to fix some issues ;-).

I am system administrator for small business (20+ desktops, 2 servers), and I will stay with Windows XP for as long as I can. No plan for me to upgrade to Windows7 any time soon! I was planning to spend $150 to get the Windows7 family pack for my home computers, but looks like I can now spend the money at Starbucks ;-).

What is your experience with Windows7?


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