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Excelent web testing tool Selenium IDE

Posted by lubosp on February 7, 2006

Excelent web testing tool Selenium IDE
It is possible to develop JUnit tests in Selenium,
but it is not straightforword as it is with JMeter which allows you to record tests (albeit more cumbersome them Selenium by using proxy), and execute test from Ant or from JMeter UI.
But JMeter does not have ability to debug the test scripts as Selenium has. I have heard about Selenium at NoFluffJustStuff conference I have attended in November.


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Guerrilla Debugging For Java

Posted by lubosp on February 2, 2006

Technology As If People Mattered : Weblog: “Guerrilla Debugging For Java ”

Nice article about some non-standard debugging techniques. It doesn’t mention jconsole, which is new in JDK5.0, and it is very useful for memory/gc and thread debugging and monitoring.

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