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Luntbuild release announcement and The Server Side censorship

Posted by lubosp on May 5, 2005

We have just released Luntbuild 1.2 beta, major functional upgrade

from Luntbuild 1.1.1. Definitely worth upgrading or trying out.

I have tried to publish news article about the release to The Server Site,

but they dicided not to publish it, without specifying any reason. This kind of censorship disappointing to me, but it is their web site and

they can do whatever they choose to.

The article I tried to publish is available here.

If anybody has suggestions where to publish the Luntbuild 1.2 beta1 release announcement, please let me know.


One Response to “Luntbuild release announcement and The Server Side censorship”

  1. lubosp said

    I should have emphasized it in my blog. Luntbuild is open source project hosted on sourceforge. So no money for marketing and the only marketers are developers (probably the worst possible, but the only choice 8-).

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